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In a word, process.  As a thing of mastery & ease.  On point.  On time.  On the money.  By knowing when to say ‘yes’ enthusiastically and how to say ‘no’ gracefully.  Process that absorbs uncertainty.  Facilitates collaboration. Clears eye-lines of friction, distraction and constraint. In the belief that a tight reign on process is what’s required to set talent and creativity free. In cheerful service to the big idea on the page, ‘happy accidents’ on the set and ‘little gems of afterthought’ (aka revisions) during post.  

From commercials and documentaries, to corporate videos and radio spots, Productions 52 is fluent in every aspect of broadcast production.  In two languages! 


Production that occurs as having pep in its step, care & joy at its heart, pride & purpose in every action.  To one end:   Telling your story. Mejor.

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