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SRP Party Shoot

When you work with the best location manager, you find the best locations, like this beautiful backyard for our party scene.

Tech Scout

Finding a healthy forest can be challenging after so many destructive forest fires in our beautiful southwest. This is one of the images from our 5 day location scout in the White Mountains of northern Arizona.

Walden University Shoot

A tight budget doesn't limit our creativity. Our DP for the Walden production was also a talented director and still photographer.

Water Photo shoot

Our client was happy to see continuity of style using the same DP/Director for this photo shoot as for their TV spots featuring water.

Reunion Shoot

The Director of this shoot jumped in as second camera. He's a cool guy who makes sure all the images he needs are captured from every angle.

Healthy Forest Shoot

We had a vision to feature a bald eagle in this spot for our water/energy client. But considering budgetary restraints, our resourceful PM came up with the idea of contacting a local avian rescue. With a donation to their efforts, we were able to get both a bald eagle and a hawk for the shoot and it was a win-win for everyone.

Abrazo Health Care Shoot

Staging as many scenarios in one location is key when we have a tight budget. We've staged over 12 different shoots in this home.

Healthy Forest Shoot

Here's the avian rescue coordinator working with our principal talent, Aurora, the bald eagle.

CDA Campaign shoot

Studio shoots are always fun. This was for a beautiful black and white compilation featuring real people over a white cyc for our local Diocese shoot, one of our favorite clients.

CDA Shoot

"City shot" for a Diocese shoot.

Water Photo shoot

Here's another example of the beautiful stills our DP/Director took for the water/energy company campaign.

CK Cup Race Shoot

Our comedy Director wanted functional life size cups for a Circle K cup race commercial. So we worked with one of the most talented Production Designers in town and got the Director exactly what he wanted.

Truly Nolen Shoot

Yes, that's a real madagascar cockroach. And yes, our principal talent is not just talented, he's brave.

Healthy Forest Shoot

Shower scenes can be difficult to stage, but not for our experienced art department.

Abrazo Health Care Shoot

The dining room of this beautiful home with gorgeous natural light became a sitting room for our talent.

Walden University Shoot

Here's one of our favorite DP/Directors doing what he does best.

Water Photoshoot
Diocese Shoot
Rigoberta Menchu

We can also do simple ENG shoots. Here's one for an interview with human rights activist Rigoberta Menchu.

Circle K Summer Sweat

How do you make a giant water wave come out of a truck? Simple, you work with the best team available and do a lot of dry runs, no pun intended.

Water Photo Shoot

One more still from our water photo shoot. Our production team rigged a water fountain out in the desert to accomodate our schedule and budget.

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